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Rubber flooring  has created a revolution in the flooring world as a popular choice for interior and exterior environments. Its beauty and preference lies in the fact that apart from its soft texture which is relaxing to the feet, it offers durability and resilience in the face of several conditions and is easy-to-maintain. That’s what makes it especially valuable in environs prone to spills, heavy usage and wear and tear.The most important reason these Anti Slip Decking Rubber tiles would be used is when safety is of the highest concern. These comfortable 2.5” thick tiles are rate for a maximum fall height of 6 feet, making them suitable for any play set. With this safety rating, a child is far less likely to suffer from a harmful injury if they fall from an elevated height. 

Exclusive Rubber Flooring UK offered in nine completely different colors. Slip-not rubber flooring is non slip and appropriate for indoor or out of doors use. factory-made from serious Duty rubber compound, designed to last for years!. Ideal selection for industrial and business use


Learn why these 3-inch thick Anti Slip Decking Rubber mats are the perfect safety surface for your playground area.